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Blind dogs and cats can be very happy pets if one follows a few simple guidelines to make life easier from them:
• Avoid changing their environment, such as moving furniture.

• Teach dogs to walk on a harness or lead so that they can be exercised safely. Encourage exercise to prevent weight gain.

• Fence in a small area of your yard for them and keep the environment constant. If you have a pool, prevent your pet from having free access to it.

• Encourage your pet to use its other senses to compensate for the vision loss. Buy play toys that are noisy or have a recognizable odor. Get another companion pet that your blind pet can follow using its hearing and sense of smell.

• Do not change the placement of food and water bowls or litter boxes.

• Behavior changes (aggression, depression or fear) may be observed when an animal loses vision suddenly. Try to avoid stressing or scaring your pet. Inform family members (especially small children) of the new condition and educate them to avoid any accidents. Most pets will adapt well to blindness with a little time and patience.

• If your dog or cat is blind due to cataracts, it is a good idea to observe their eyes daily for changes that could be indications of uveitis or glaucoma. These changes include reddening of the white of the eyes, increase in size of the eyes, pawing or rubbing the eyes and tearing. If any of these signs are noted, please contact our office at (870) 425-5175.