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Is leptospirosis an emerging infectious disease? Yes.Increased awareness of the disease has led to increased recognition. In 1995, after widespread flooding in Nicaragua, a leptospirosis epidemic killed at least 13 persons and made more than 2,000 other sick. In 1997, nine whitewater rafters from the United States were infected during a river trip in Costa Rica. Leptospirosis is also a problem in deteriorating inner cities that are infested with rats.

How can leprospirosis be prevented? Minimize contact with fresh water, mud and vegetation that might be contaminated with the urin of infected animals, especially rodents.

Wear protective clothing, such as waterproofing boots or waders, when partcipating in recreational or work activities that might result in contact with contaminated water.

If your travel plans might put you at risk for leptospirosis, consider taking antibiotics before and during travel to help prevent infection from short-term, high-risk exposures.

This fact sheet is for information only and is not meant to be used for self-diagnosis or as a substitute for consultation with a health-care provider. If you have any questions about the disease described above, consult a health-care provider.