All Creatures Veterinary Hospital Surgical Release

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Does your pet have any problems that we need to be made aware of prior to surgery?

Occasional problems can arise due to pre-existing conditions of the liver and kidneys. To avoid these problems we recommend that your pet be screened upon admission by means of a blood test.
Would you like your pet to have pre-surgical bloodwork? ($95.00)

We recommend feline Leukemia/AIDS testing due to the increased number of infected cats found in our area.
Would you like your cat tested for Leukemia/AIDS? ($61.00)

We recommend heartworm testing and preventative due to the increased number of heartworm dogs found in our area.
Would you like your dog tested for heartworms? ($45.00)

It has been shown that the use of pain medication promotes faster healing and recovery. Therefore, in addition to anesthesia, pain medication is recommended for all surgical procedures.
Would you like your pet to receive a pain relief injection with surgery? ($23)

*Pain relief injections are automatically given with declaws which is included in the price of the declaw.

Would you like pain medication sent home with your pet?

Has a vet seen your pet in the last two weeks?

Microchips are an excellent way to permanently identify your pet if he/she should ever become lost. Microchips are safe and effective, and can be placed quickly and painlessly.

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