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Vaccination Reactions

Most pets handle their vaccinations quite well with no problems at all. Oftentimes, after receiving a vaccination, a pet may be somewhat lethargic, sore and may not want to eat for a day or so these signs are very common and usually resolve after a day or so.

Although uncommon, some pets can have an allergic reaction to routine vaccinations. Usually signs are mild, but more serious reactions can occur. Some signs that a reaction is occurring are hives, swelling of the face and neck, swelling at the injection site, severe itching of the face or injection site, vomiting, and rarely, difficulty breathing.

These signs usually occur within 8-10 hours after the vaccination was given. If this should occur, you can give your pet Benadryl (generic: diphenhydramine) at a dose of: 25 mg (adult dose) for a dog 40 lbs. or greater or 12.5mg (children's dose) for a dog less than 40 lbs. and call the veterinarian. Sometimes a shot may be necessary if the Benadryl is not sufficient.

If your pet is prone to reactions, or has had a vaccination reaction in the past, tell your veterinarian prior to your pet receiving vaccinations so that he/she can take the appropriate precautions.